Duane’s services include the FOUR ENERGETIC ACTIVATIONS that prepare you for Ascension. In the process of the Four Activations, Duane does Energy Clearing to ensure that blocks do not diminish the movement into higher vibrations. Duane’s psychic inner vision allows him to “see” traumatic events from the current life and past lives, energy attachments from unwanted entities and similar conditions that need to be cleared. Energy clearing is every bit as crucial as the Four Activations as one prepares to ascend. If you have questions about his sessions and whether the work is appropriate to your situation, call him at 360-571-5748 or send him an email .

Duane also travels widely doing lectures and demonstrating his work in Energy Clearing and the Four Activations. Fees are determined based on format, time involved and travel expenses. Fees for group sessions, lectures or workshops are determined after discussing the format, time involved, and travel or lodging needs.

Duane's individual sessions are generally one hour in duration, whether in person or by telephone. For telephone sessions, Duane makes the phone call and pays the telephone expense. Payment can be made by personal check or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). In the interest of credit card security, credit card payments are handled with Duane by telephone. Checks should be made payable to Duane Henkle. For telephone clients, checks should be sent to this address: 2406 NE 139th St. – Apt. 221, Vancouver, WA 98686.

Energy Clearing and Fifth Dimension Lightbody Activation     $100
Energy Clearing and Sixth Dimension Activation     $100
Energy Clearing and Seventh Dimension Activation     $100
Energy Clearing and 12-Strand DNA Activation     $100
Energy Clearing Session     $100
Follow-up Sessions     $100

                2406 NE 139th St. #221
                Vancouver, WA 98686-2768
                Phone: 360-571-5748
                E-MAIL: duane@cybermesa.com

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