My name is Barb C. I live in a small town in Iowa. I have had a lot of strange things happen to me all my life. Having dreams that are so real, seeing people that I know are dead, people/spirits I do not know coming to me. I thought I was going nuts!

My first husband was killed when he was 35 years old and I was 33. Things really got bad then. Since then I have remarried to a wonderful understanding man. He has a friend who is an astrologer, and she has helped me by explaining the strange things that where happening to me and telling me that I was a medium. I just could not believe this.

Before I accepted the mission I made a deal with them that, I was to have a partner that would understand my work, when it was time for me to start helping others get to the other side. My first husband would have had me put in a loony-bin. My husband now understands it all and supports me in my assignment. Duane is an amazing man. I have learned a lot about myself and my mission in this life, all thanks to Duane and his ability to see and explain to me in way that I could understand and feel comfortable with my mission.

I am still learning with the help of Duane, my Angels, Guides, my loving husband, friends and family that believe and understand. Thank you, Duane, and may God bless you, Barb

My name is D.C. About two and a half years ago, I asked Duane Henkle to do for me the series of light body activations he and Diana Stone describe in their book, The Lightbody Activation Manual. I wasn’t entirely certain about the earth’s dimensional shift they and so many others were talking about nor was I sure that the year 2012 was when it would occur, but if it did happen, I certainly wasn’t about to be left behind! So I decided to go ahead and have it done, just as travel insurance.

In the series of ten sessions that followed, Duane not only activated my lightbody and initiated me into the fifth through the seventh dimensions, he also resolved some long-standing difficulties, introduced me to some amazing beings, and opened up some important new directions in my work.

The first and to me the most miraculous result was unexpected—-not part of the advertised package! My energy field had gotten quite badly damaged over the years, as I went through a very serious car accident and three major surgeries, and as a result I was extremely vulnerable to being swamped psychically in client work. I was also plagued by attaching entities—both the befuddled and the not-so-savory deceased would glom onto me—and I had to be rescued from their clutches on a fairly regular basis. In the two and a half years since Duane’s work, that has not happened once—a nightmarish condition I thought was a life sentence was finished! (I still do perceive such entities, and can help them if they are merely confused, but they do not attach to me in the suffocating way they once did.)

As our work together progressed, Duane began initiating me into the various dimensions, but I had a hard time letting him take me beyond the fifth dimension because I instantly felt I had found my spiritual home. I could feel the beings that lived there and loved them so much. Imagine finding a home peopled entirely by beings who are peaceful, loving, scholarly, talented, spiritually aware, highly evolved, and completely committed to service!

I allowed Duane to go ahead with the initiations into the sixth and seventh, reluctantly. On my own, however, I resolved to explore the fifth dimension, get to know the people, and to work my Buddhist behind off to be worthy of admission to that plane when this earth life is over. And in the time since Duane and I completed the work, I have formed bonds and working partnerships with several fifth dimension beings so that our joint efforts can bring knowledge of the light and its healing power to more of those on the earth plane who want to ascend. The artistic side of my nature that had never been developed is more and more a part of my life work, in part due to these partnerships.

There have been a variety of other unforeseen effects of the series of lightbody activations. For instance, I am so much more telepathic now—maybe because my aura IS strong enough to allow me to open up more without being inundated. And my growth rate seems to have increased over-all, with a stronger commitment to working for the kind of inner peace I experienced in the fifth dimension. In short, my work with Duane has been an amazing catalyst, and I am so grateful for it.

M.C. writes:

“In my early sessions with Duane I experienced the “reality” of the Lightbody Activations. His work took me to a higher dimension, and the consciousness of the Oneness. After the sessions, I found that I could move to that dimension quite easily. This transferred to my work as a Cranial Sacral Therapist. While working with my clients now, there is a moment when a “switch” goes on and both my client and myself are in the healing energy of the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions. This is when the healing occurs.”

“The clearing and the past life work that Duane has done with me removed physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages. I could write a chapter on this, but simply will say that I now walk the planet lightly, more open to the energies, and with a deeper understanding of the Soul’s journey toward ascension. I am truly grateful to Duane for the work he is doing in bringing Lightbody Activations to the planet.”

“Duane Henkle is a powerful shaman, gifted healer and a skilled Light Worker. In addition, he is a deeply compassionate person. His work with the four activations is truly life changing, and often life transforming. The activations are the foundation for so much more, including psychic healing and past life work. Duane has the ability to see the core issue that needs to be healed and how to heal it – in order for the client to move on to ascension. I am someone who has benefited profoundly from his work.” J. C.

See the moving story of what happened when a child was given the activations here.

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