The following appeared in the May 6, 2005 issue of Duane Henkle’s Newsletter-- The newsletter for ascension-minded souls who know a higher world is right around the corner.

When you and I read a piece of channeled material, how do we know whether it’s true or not? Isn’t that a great question! I’ve asked myself that question hundreds and hundreds of times.

Let me speak personally first. I consider myself a channel and more than once I’ve gone to bed at night and said a prayer that the information channeled that day was not a figment of my imagination or the product of a twisted subconscious. Yes, such thoughts have crossed my mind. I’ve even been known to double-check myself using the I Ching, the most potent of divination tools. So far, so good – the I Ching readings have always validated the channeled information.

Further, much of what I read and study comes from channeled sources. I do energy clearing and healing. I do the four activations that prepare you for Ascension, namely Fifth Dimension Lightbody Activation, Sixth Dimension Activation, Seventh Dimension Activation and 12-Strand DNA Activation. And I write books about how to do this stuff step-by-step so you can do it in your own living room, without the assistance of a guru. Now that’s my whole bag of tricks.

There aren’t a lot of people walking around on this side of the veil who are highly conversant in my occupation. Think about it. The teachers and helpers for what I do are up there in some other dimension, so I have to rely mainly on channeled books and articles to “pick their brains.” And I end up asking the same question you do: “I wonder if this dude really knows what he’s talking about?”

One of the Kryon books helped answer my question. For those who aren’t familiar, Kryon is an entity channeled by a fellow named Lee Carroll. The first Kryon book came out in 1989 and the most recent one – Book Ten – came out in 2004. The books have been translated into many languages and twice Kryon has spoken before a committee of the United Nations. Kryon’s words embody joy and hope, for his message is one of Ascension or the coming shift to a higher dimension. Since 1989, he’s has made many predictions about future events on this planet, and I’ve never known him to be wrong.

In addition to using one’s own intuition, Kryon says a simple test is to ask the question: “Is new information being presented here that I didn’t know before.” Now that’s a very insightful question to ask and I started applying that question – along with my own intuition – to every piece of channeled information I read. And you know what? I started ferreting out information that was nothing more than a rehash of tired old information that was coming from somebody’s ego self. I started ferreting out what I call “pukey spiritual love talk” filled with references to me as a “dear one,” “cherished one,” or “beloved soul brother or sister” – but little else to justify it as “channeled information,” – and certainly nothing new.

I invite you to use Kryon’s standard when you read the channeled information in my book, The Lightbody Activation Manual. I invite you to use Kryon’s standard when you read the channeled information in my second book, THE ASCENSION GUIDEBOOK: How to do the Four Activations that prepare you for Ascension. There is plenty of new information – sensible, too – in both books, but you can decide that for yourself.

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