Duane Henkle, shaman and healer

From the Corporate World
to the Spirit World

After twenty-five years, Duane quit the corporation, the big city, a long-standing marriage – and moved to the high desert in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Once there, he began a painful descent into “the valley of the shadow” where he battled the demons of physical illness for several years. Unknown to him at the time, he was experiencing the classic “shaman death.” Duane emerged several years later a healed and humbled man, psychic powers awakened, and eager to serve humanity in whatever way Spirit directed.

Pleiadian Guides teach Duane Lightbody Activation


In 1996, he was “called” to Hawaii. In Hawaii, he formed a strong psychic link with a group of Pleiadian entities who promised to teach him the secrets of lightbody activation “according to the principles of fifth dimension Pleiadian physics.” Over the next three years, Duane learned how to harness native Hawaiian energies--those of Sea Turtle, Dolphin, and Fire Goddess Pele--in such a way as to activate the lightbody. He named this process “The Crystal-Triangle Lightbody-Activation Method.” Returning to the mainland, Duane (along with his astrologer/shaman sister Diana Stone) completed The Lightbody Activation Manual in 2002. This book can be ordered directly from Crystal Triangle Publishing. (Read more about this book and see a sample here.

The Ascension Guidebook

Pleiadian Guides reveal all Four Activations

In 2003, the Pleiadian Guides taught Duane three additional activations, completing the series of Four Activations. They delivered this message, "These are the Four Activations that prepare Earth Beings for the coming shift into the fifth dimension in 2012.” Duane's mission is sharing his Pleiadian knowledge with ascension seekers everywhere, so he began a second book. Three years in the writing, The Ascension Guidebook can now be ordered directly from Crystal Triangle Publishing. (Read more about this book and see a sample here.

More about Duane . . .

Duane, formerly of Santa Fe, New Mexico, now lives in Vancouver, Washington where he has a busy practice doing energy healing and the Four Activations described on this site. In addition to seeing clients personally, his network of telephone clients stretches across the United States and into other countries as well. Duane has lectured across the country, including Southwestern College in his former hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 2003 and 2004, he was the keynote speaker at the International Huna Conventions organized by Huna Research, Inc. Duane’s message to you: “Activate now!”

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