The FOUR ENERGETIC ACTIVATIONS are 1) Fifth Dimension Lightbody Activation 2) Sixth Dimension Activation 3) Seventh Dimension Activation and 4) 12-Strand DNA Activation.

IN-PERSON ACTIVATIONS are accomplished during a one-hour session in which Duane facilitates the process in partnership with the client. The client reclines on an energy table or similar surface. Crystals are placed around the client in a specific layout. The client repeats special affirmations. Duane makes specific movements in the energy field of the client. That is the format for each activation . . . it’s as simple as that!

TELEPHONE ACTIVATIONS are every bit as powerful as those experienced in person. Telephone clients usually recline on their bed during an activation session. The process is the same as in-person, except Duane does the steps by long distance. As in person, a telephone session is one hour long as Duane guides the client through the steps of activation and energy clearing. (Duane pays the cost of the hour-long phone call.)

Session #1 – Fifth Dimension Lightbody Activation

In the Fifth Dimension, we are free of the Earthly cycle of death and rebirth. This is a dimension of pure light, where manifestation is accomplished by thought alone, whereas on Earth, manifestation requires the combination of thought + action – sometimes a whole lot of action. One of the key steps in this activation is the Opening of the Heart, so that a spiral of Christ Energy emanates from the heart chakra. It could be said that we “love” our way into the Fifth Dimension.

Session #2 – Sixth Dimension Activation

The Sixth Dimension is a higher etheric plane that integrates new colors and sound waves into existence. Our lightbody becomes even less dense – more etheric. This dimension holds the keys and the codes for higher forms of creation using the lightbody. It also serves as a bridge to the Ascended Realms. In this activation, a Cross of Pure Light is placed on all the chakras to raise your vibration up to the Sixth Dimension.

Session #3 – Seventh Dimension Activation

The Seventh Dimension is the vibratory frequency that supports the existence of the Ascended Masters including Sananda (or the Christ Energy). It is a ray of pure love, universal wisdom and Universal Laws. Here you are brought to one of the highest frequencies that humans are able to comprehend – the quantum level of sub-atomic matter. This frequency initiates and maintains the coding necessary to work with the Higher Self to assure human transformation into a higher species of light. In this activation, the North and South Poles of your energy field are opened to accept the flow of quantum photon energy from the Seventh Dimension.

Session #4 – 12-Strand DNA Activation

This activation changes the cells of your body from 2-strand DNA to 12-strand DNA. It is these additional strands of DNA that mastermind the miraculous human transformation into a higher species of light, fully prepared to shift into the Fifth Dimension in 2012. In this activation, the Eight Master Cells of the body, located in the thymus gland, are converted from 2-strand DNA to 12-strand DNA. Over time – like osmosis – these master cells spread the 12-strand transformation to all the cells in the body.

Energy Clearing combined with above Activations

The process of lightbody activation and preparation for Ascension involves a transformation of consciousness and mutations in the physical body at the cellular level. Many individuals need supportive therapies to take them through the changes that accompany this process. For such changes, Duane's individual and group sessions can offer support in the following areas: clearing negative energies, balancing emotional and mental energies, enhancing psychic functioning, evaluating the chakra system and much more. A variety of healing therapies are enhanced when paired with the Crystal Triangle process.

In the process of the Four Activations, Duane does Energy Clearing to ensure that blocks do not diminish the movement into higher vibrations. Duane’s psychic inner vision allows him to “see” traumatic events from the current life and past lives, energy attachments from unwanted entities and similar conditions that need to be cleared. For more serious energy blockages, follow-up sessions may be needed. Energy clearing is every bit as necessary as the Four Activations as one prepares to ascend.

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