The following is an excerpt from Duane Henkle's new release, The Ascension Guidebook.

(Note: This was written by C. K. C., who lives in a European country and is a medical doctor. He is a student of ascension and is familiar with most of the activation methods available on the planet. He has activated many people using Duane Henkle’s method. He considers this method the easiest to do and the most powerful. This testimonial has been slightly edited for clarity, as English is not the good doctor’s first language.)

“Many times I have wondered what would happen if I activated someone without telling the person about what I was doing. The objective here was to get genuine information about what the person would feel, hear and see. So I chose this child Lazandra, nine years old, my sister’s daughter, my niece. I asked her to lie down on the table and just relax.”

“When I was running the strands of light from the six chakras to the heart chakra, she said, ‘I feel very hot in my heart.’”

“When I was encasing and spinning the core of light in the spinal column, she said, ‘My feet feel very hot. My hands feel warm. My spine is getting hot. I feel heavy.’”

“When I was encasing and spinning the first and second cylinders of light, she said, ‘I feel very heavy. My legs feel heavy, heavier than my entire body. I feel only my head. It is like I am only my head.’”

“When I was encasing and spinning the last cylinder of light, activating the spiritual body, she said, ‘I do not feel my body anymore. I feel I am flowing out of my body. I am floating in the air.’”

“I finished the activation process and waited about 15 minutes. Then I counted down from ten to one, and I woke up the child. Then I asked her to tell me what she saw, heard or felt. She said, ‘I think I fell asleep and when I woke up, I was in a warm place, full of light, peace and love. I was lying down on a very comfortable bed. A beautiful lady came to me and told me, ‘Welcome, my sweetie, this place will be your home in 2012.’”

When Lizandra told me these last words, she was crying tears of joy and her eyes were full of light. This child did not know about 2012. I never told her about 2012 before. So this information is true. She had been in the Fifth Dimension.”
                              C. K. C.

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