What is ascension?

Ascension is the shifting of our consciousness and physical body into a higher dimension. Unlike so-called “death,” in which our physical body stays here while our consciousness moves to a higher plane, in ascension our physical body goes with us. The catch is this –- it must be transformed into a “body of light” in order to make the trip! The lightbody is sometimes referred to as “the vehicle of ascension” for that very reason.

When will it happen?

The dimensional shift of 2010

The Mayan Timekeepers pinpoint 2012 as the date for this great shift -– or ascension -– into the Fifth Dimension. The Hopi Indians, using slightly different terminology, say 2012 is the date humanity moves into the Fifth World. In addition, a multitude of spiritual groups and metaphysicians around the world confirm 2012 as the date for this great evolutionary leap.

How do I get ready for something like this?

Duane Henkle, shaman and healer

Start right here! Duane Henkle is a shaman, healer, channel and author of The Lightbody Activation Manual and the new Ascension Guidebook. Duane explains how he helps ascension seekers:

“The first step preparing for ascension involves ENERGY CLEARING to ensure that blocks do not diminish the movement to higher vibrations. One can do all sorts of “activations,” but results are limited if the blocks are not removed along the way. Blocks can exist anywhere in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Some blocks are the result of traumas experienced in this life and past lives, related to issues such as physical illness, abuse, relationships and lack of abundance. Other blocks result from unwanted attachments from entities of all sorts.”

“The other step in preparing for ascension is doing the FOUR ENERGY ACTIVATIONS. According to my Pleiadian spirit guides, these activations “prepare Earth Beings for the coming shift to the Fifth dimension in 2012.” The Four Activations include: 1) Fifth Dimension Lightbody Activation 2) Sixth Dimension Activation 3) Seventh Dimension Activation and 4) 12-Strand DNA Activation.”

Duane concludes:

“My abilities as a psychic healer and channel allow me to do both ENERGY CLEARING and the FOUR ACTIVATIONS – that’s the whole package, and that’s what people need. I work with clients in person and by telephone. Best of all, the work is typically completed in just four sessions, so the cost to clients is very reasonable. My advice to ascension seekers is this: Prepare now!”

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